Bad Left Hook User Rules and Guidelines

Many boxing sites don't have rules. We do. Please read carefully. If you do not read the rules, and are banned for breaking them, YOU are at fault.

Note: As of August 17, 2010, there is a 24-hour waiting period before new users can post. This is to prevent spambots from hitting the site and is not meant to deter legitimate new users. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Keep These Things Out of Your Posts

  1. Homophobic statements: This includes phrases such as "Gayweather" or "Flomo" -- if you must use these, go to another site. We will not tolerate it. If you can't get through a paragraph without calling someone "gay," then this is not the place for you.
  2. Excessive, unnecessary profanity: We're not prudes, but if you think for a second, "Maybe I shouldn't say that," then probably phrase it some other way. There will be excused profanity limits in times of great elation (an amazing fight in a live thread) or great disgust (a truly awful decision in a live thread). We don't outlaw cursing or bad language, but keep it to a minimum.
  3. Racism: Of any kind, toward any person. Do not bring it here.
  4. Personal attacks on other users: e.g., don't just call someone stupid. Instead, argue your view on the matter. You might be surprised to find we're all happy to have a conversation, even when we disagree. If someone is not willing to engage in a civil discussion (even if heated), they won't last.
  5. Trolling
  6. "Lite" Trolling: This includes repeating the same thing over and over and over again until everyone is sick of hearing you say it. Please don't do this, because it just tests the patience of the moderators and your fellow community members alike. You do not need to say the same thing in 15 different posts.These things will result in a warning if it's not a major offense, and a banning if it is one. You do not need to have been warned beforehand to receive a banning. We're here to discuss boxing like adults, not children with attitude problems.

Other "Rules of the Road"

  • Don't be dumb. Honestly, if we just think you're really dumb and annoying, you might get banned. Try to participate in conversations instead of posting boring hit-and-run comments. Please don't flood the site with your stupidity. We're not interested in your recycled boxing forum slams and disses.
  • If you are a writer looking to link your work, look into the FanShots section. Please do not link your articles in your own comments every time you post. This is considered spamming. You are welcome to link your site in your signature, however.
  • DO NOT post animated .gifs or videos of recently-aired fights from HBO or Showtime, unless those videos are authorized by the copyright holders. For instance, HBO will often allow past fights to be embedded either through their site or through YouTube. That is OK. What is not OK is a .gif of a knockout or ANY action from a fight that has just aired that night or that week. Those copyrights are owned by the networks and are not cleared to be posted here.
  • Please do not talk politics here. There are many political web sites where you can do that. This is a boxing site. We don't care if you're Democrat, Republic, Libertarian, or an anarchist. We don't care how you feel about your President, your Senator, your Congressman, your Queen, your Prime Minister, your King, or your County Commissioner.
  • Don't talk about religion. See above. There are many web sites where you can do this. This site is about boxing.
  • Don't openly advocate things that are against U.S. law. This might seem obvious, but amazingly, it's apparently not.
  • If you're going to watch something on an illegal stream, please don't advertise it. After the fact this can slide a little, but please don't mention how your stream died or you're looking for a stream. Nobody cares and you're not going to get a stream from someone else here. Oh and do not share links to illegal streams of fights. Legal streams are OK.
  • Try to remember to use the reply function and our other features, because it makes everything easier to read for everybody, especially those coming into a thread later who may want to jump into a conversation. If you have trouble with anything, just ask, and someone will help you, be it a moderator or just one of the regular posters.

Tips and Such

  • Warnings or bannings are always open to discussion. Our moderators strive to be friendly and welcoming, but will take action. However, you can always e-mail Scott, who will be happy to look into the situation. Scott's e-mail is available at the bottom of the site, or through his profile. Many bannings have been misunderstandings and quickly resolved -- more than the bannings that have stuck forever, in fact. Don't fly off the handle immediately. If you feel the need to bring it up on the site before e-mailing, your chances at resolution are less likely.
  • Many warnings are not a big deal, and serve more as reminders of etiquette and the rules, or sometimes are just a notice to let you know that an issue is being dealt with. Make sure to read any warning or notice carefully.
  • If you feel you're being personally attacked by another user, don't start a flame war over it. Flag the comment you feel is offensive. Most likely, a moderator will get to it if action really must be taken.
  • Expect humor and ball-breaking between familiar members of the site. We're all going to have some fun here, though we don't get personal about it.
  • Being relentlessly negative will annoy moderators and eventually get you banned. Certainly negativity is a part of being critical about anything, or even just being a big fan. And sometimes there is a lot of negativity that is earned. But if all of your posts are overwhelmingly negative to the point it appears you don't actually like boxing at all, go do something else.
  • Criticism of fighters/promoters/writers/etc. is fine, but don't get overly personal about it. Stay respectful, to both your fellow posters and to those within the sport.

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