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Changing of the Guard: HBO's 2011 Dilemma, and Why Pacquiao-Mosley Suddenly Matters More


Pound-for-pound ruler. Global superstar. Coincidental revolutionary. Manny Pacquiao is changing the shape of boxing, and Showtime is his platform.


Boxing Doppelgangers

Doppelganger = any double or look-a-like of a person. Everyone out there has a twin somewhere.  Have you ever heard...darn, you look just like my friend so-and-so?  Or maybe you have been told...


Role Reversal - Pacquaio the villain and Mayweather Jr. the hero? What a difference a year makes

via pacejmiller.files.wordpress.com Ray Chiongbian last week was the latest opponent to find himself on the end of a beating by Manny Pacquiao. Receiving in excess of 100,000 votes (nearly double...


We forgive everyone else, why not Margarito?