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A few "internet rumors"

  1. Tomasz Adamek's next fight could be against Hasim Rahman, according to Polsat. His next fight will be early February in New Jersey at heavyweight, no matter who the opponent.
  2. Marco Antonio Barrera may still be shooting for a title in a fourth weight class. He's trying to get a fight with Paulus Moses, currently the weakest of the lightweight titlists.
  3. More than just a rumor - Carlos Quintana will face Jesse Feliciano on the untelevised Williams-Martinez undercard.
  4. Edison Miranda may be getting in position for another title shot already. His team is starting to lay groundwork for a shot at Robert Stieglitz. Miranda has some name value in Germany due to his war with Arthur Abraham.
  5. Wapakman causing a fuss in the Philippines. Movie may be pulled if it would violate election law, and there are heavy rumors of an affair with his female costar Krista Ranillo.

...But some fights DO get made

  1. Joshua Clottey vs. Carlos Quintana, on the Pavlik-Williams undercard. Not 100% final, but almost there.
  2. Zab Judah vs. Ramon Montano, November 6. Judah's been out of the ring for nearly a year now, having pulled out of at least three different fights, so I'll believe this one when I see it.
  3. Marco Antonio Rubio vs. Eric Mitchell. Rubio hasn't fought since getting dominated by Pavlik in February.
  4. Edgar Sosa vs. Rodel Mayol. Mayol recently drew against Ivan Calderon and lost close in an ugly rematch. This is his fifth title shot without yet winning a belt. Now trained by Freddie Roach, Mayol seems to have improved overall. Sosa has made 10 defenses of his light flyweight title, but this might be his toughest opponent since winning the belt from Brian Viloria.
  5. Yusef Mack vs. Karo Murat. This one's not 100% final either, but is close. This would be an eliminator for the IBF #1 contender spot. Mack has been on a roll lately, showing none of the stamina problems that plagued him at 168 in beating Chris Henry and DeAndrey Abron. Murat may be unknown here, but they're grooming him for stardom in Germany, and he has good wins over Gabriel Campillo and Christian Sanavia.
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