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2013 Male Fighter Awards


Who were the best of the best in 2013? What were the highest and lowest points of the year? Read this and you're guaranteed to learn something new, no matter how big of a boxing fan you are.

Maidana wants Mayweather fight


Coming off of his biggest career win, Marcos Maidana wants to face Floyd Mayweather, but Floyd's father believes it's a no-win situation for the Argentine slugger.

Floyd Sr: Pacquiao was good, but Rios can't fight


Floyd Mayweather Sr says that while Manny Pacquiao did a good job this past Saturday, he did that job against an opponent who couldn't do anything, and he still needs to prove more to fight Floyd...

Floyd Sr: Garcia has no chance, 160 a stupid risk


Floyd Mayweather will need an opponent when he returns to the ring next May, and right now, the pickings look a little bit slim.

Floyd Sr: Broner has only faced stiffs


While Adrien Broner is one of the hottest names in boxing today, Floyd Mayweather Sr isn't all that impressed with the 24-year-old rising star, and says that not only could he and Floyd Jr fight...

Schaefer: No weight issue for Floyd-Canelo


Richard Schaefer says that reports of there being a weight issue for a possible Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez fight are "bullshit."

Floyd Sr confirms: Canelo has to be at 147


Floyd Mayweather Sr says Canelo Alvarez will definitely have to come down to welterweight if he's going to fight Floyd Mayweather.

Angel Garcia wouldn't go where Ruben Guerrero did


Angel Garcia says that even though he's known as a trash talker, he wouldn't have gone where Ruben Guerrero went earlier this week.

Ruben: Never fought pro, Robert will retire Floyd


Ruben Guerrero says that despite claims by Floyd Mayweather Sr, he never fought as a pro, and that the Mayweather camp is focusing its energy on the wrong guy.

Mayweather, father officially reunite


Floyd Mayweather and his father are back together, as the senior Floyd will train his son for Mayweather's May 4 fight in Las Vegas.

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