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Braehmer-Maccarinelli presser quotes


Juergen Braehmer will defend his WBA "regular" light heavyweight title this Saturday in Germany against Enzo Maccarinelli. The two fighters weighed in on the bout at their final presser.

Lockett: Enzo has the power to beat Braehmer


Enzo Maccarinelli may be getting his last world title shot, but trainer Gary Lockett believes he has the thunder to make it count.

Last Five Fights: Kelly Pavlik and Sergio Martinez


Kelly Pavlik looks to rehab his reputation this Saturday against tough challenger Sergio Martinez. Bad Left Hook analyzes the last five fights for both.

Pavlik-Lyell? No. No, no, no. No.


The Cleveland Plain-Dealer suggests a fight between middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik and fellow Youngstown, Ohio native Billy Lyell. Bad Left Hook goes into detail about how bad of an idea that...

Is Kelly Pavlik ripe for the picking as middleweight king?


Boxing's world middleweight champion, Kelly Pavlik, is the favorite this Saturday night against Marco Antonio Rubio. But is the champ living on borrowed time?

Tomato Cans: January 6, 2009


News and views from the boxing world.

Pavlik-Calzaghe: How big could it be?


The recently-discussed potential showdown between unbeaten stars Joe Calzaghe of Wales and Kelly Pavlik of Youngstown, Ohio, is one of great significance for all boxing fans, no matter where...

10 Points of Interest: Kelly, Sergio, Juanma, Paul & The Gang


Item Number One: Kelly Pavlik, the Leading Man in American Boxing? If Floyd Mayweather, Jr., is really done with boxing, and with Oscar de la Hoya on the final road of his long journey, American...

Four fights, 17 rounds: Mora unseats Forrest, blowouts rule the night


SCOTT'S BAD LEFT HOOK UNOFFICIAL SCORECARD  Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total  Kelly Pavlik 10 10 TKO                   20  Gary...

Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Pavlik-Lockett, Quintana-Williams II, Ponce de Leon-Lopez


Big night! Two of these fights are tough to pick and should have some good action. The "main event" in the BLH universe (fight that comes last, which is Pavlik-Lockett) at least has a must-see...

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