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Great Piece on Guillermo Rigondeaux


probably my favorite of the recent spate of Cubans who defected to turn Pro and box, a good piece on him. I like him even a bit more than Lara and Solis, just in terms of Solis and ring presence. He's patient and tactical, a southpaw and excellent reflexes despite his staggering 400 bout amateur career. I'm sad I'll miss fight on the Pacman/Margarito undercard b/c I cannot support Margarito nor a card with which he is involved.

Rigondeaux splits with Roach, pulls out of this weekend's fight


According to Dan Rafael, Cuban amateur star Guillermo Rigondeaux has severed ties with trainer Freddie Roach. This might actually be a good move for him - I honestly didn't see anything that Roach was adding to his repertoire, and Roach is extremely overextended at the moment. He was spotted last week training with Floyd Mayweather Sr., but long-term, he's looking for someone who is willing to train him out in Miami. In somewhat related news, he pulled out of his fight this weekend because of injuries he suffered in sparring. He says that Roach was having him spar light middleweights, and that was part of the reason he has chosen to cut ties.

Night of the Knockouts


Highlights from FNF, including an early spectacular knockout by Ed Paredes.

Guillermo Rigondeaux, Tor Hamer and Open Thread


It's not worth doing a full round by round, since these are showcase fights and I'm the only person who will be able to watch, but assuming there's a wireless network at the venue, I'll be providing some live coverage of tonight's Broadway Boxing at the BB King Blues Club in New York. On the card, former two-time gold medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux will be facing off against 6-4-1 Lante Addy, while American heavyweight hope Tor Hamer will be facing 6-4 Naser Ali. Also on the card, prospects Luis Del Valle, Gabriel Bracero and Christian Martinez will be fighting. Del Valle is former bantamweight champ Rafael Del Valle's nephew and was a Puerto Rican amateur star. Martinez is a former national golden gloves champ who's pro career got off to a rocky start when he was busted for possession with intent to distribute about a year ago. He claimed he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and while there was no follow-up news on it, it seems that the charges have been dropped, since he's fighting and not serving 25-to-life. Feel free to discuss any other goings on in the world here as well.

Broadway Boxing NYC - December 16, 2009


If anyone's interested, there's a card going on tonight at the BB King Blues Club in New York City. Guillermo Rigondeaux and Tor Hamer will be fighting. If I can get out of work, I'll be in attendance, and I'll post updates to this fanshot. If anyone else in the NYC area is planning on being there, let me know and maybe we can hook up some time during the card.

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