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Bouts rumored to be in the works

  1. James Toney against either Antonio Tarver or Odlanier Solis. It's unclear what weight a Tarver fight would be at, but I have doubts that Toney could make 200 even if he tried. He's just let himself go for too long.
  2. Devon Alexander versus Marcos Maidana, March 6, on HBO
  3. Humberto Soto versus the winner of Valero-DeMarco. Soto should be ringside to call out the winner, and if Valero wins, Soto-Valero is probably the best fight Bob Arum can make.
  4. Chad Dawson versus Jean Pascal, in June, in Canada. As noted previously, Pascal would need to heal from recent shoulder surgery before he could start training.
  5. Albert Sosnowski versus Audley Harrison. Sosnowski won the European heavyweight title last weekend, and Audley's coming off a Prizefighter victory. I don't even want to think about either of these two getting in there with a Klitschko.

Tijuana Thunder PPV + Miami Results

  1. Tijuana: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. UD-10 Luciano Cuello (96-95, 96-94, 98-92)
  2. Tijuana: Humberto Soto TKO-4 Antonio Davis
  3. Tijuana: Fernando Montiel KO-3 Diego Silva
  4. Miami: Andre Dirrell RTD-6 Derrick Findley
  5. Miami: Harry Joe Yorgey KO-9 Ronald Hearns ... That's Hearns' first loss as a pro. Yorgey, 31, is now 22-0-1 with his 10th knockout.

Global Results - 12/19 and 12/20

  1. Cozumel, Mexico: Humberto Soto UD-12 Francisco Lorenzo. Soto wins the vacant WBC junior lightweight (130) title. I had Soto winning 114-112, would've been a draw without two points taken from Lorenzo. Ugly, dirty fight, mostly from Lorenzo, but he also pot-shotted pretty well. Soto was not on his game tonight.
  2. Santo Domingo, D.R.: Joan Guzman UD-12 Ameth Diaz (120-108, 119-109 x2). I had Guzman up 87-84 after nine. The fight was closer than the scores.
  3. Antwerpen, Belgium: Jackson Bonsu MD-12 Carlos Baldomir (114-112, 114-113, 113-113). This was a WBC welterweight eliminator, so Bonsu is now in line for the Berto-Collazo winner at some point.
  4. Denver, Colorado: Mike Alvarado TKO-4 Miguel Huerta. This was the Solo Boxeo finale last night. Too bad Huerta was robbed against Kid Diamond, because that was probably the best night of his career.
  5. Milan, Italy: Matt Skelton RTD-10 Paolo Vidoz. Skelton is the new European heavyweight champ.
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