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Larry Merchant agrees with HBO on Rigondeaux


Former HBO analyst Larry Merchant says that he agrees with HBO 's decision to reject Guillermo Rigondeaux for future fights. Is he being unreasonable or does he have a point about boxers needing to...

Merchant says goodbye on HBO


Veteran boxing broadcaster and journalist Larry Merchant called his final fight ringside for HBO tonight in Houston, and gave a short statement after the Donaire vs Arce fight was over.

Merchant: 'Marquez needs to take risks'


HBO commentator Larry Merchant says he's definitely still intrigued by the Pacquiao-Marquez matchup, but thinks Marquez has to be more explosive in their fourth fight to win.

Larry Merchant's Greatest Hits: 30-Plus Years of Memorable Quotes


Boxing fans don't always agree with or on Larry Merchant, but he's providing notable quotables for over 30 years on HBO. Bad Left Hook's James Foley rounds up some of the best.

Mayweather vs Cotto: Floyd Digs at Larry Merchant Again


Sometimes Floyd Mayweather Jr just can't help himself. Bad Left Hook has more on what he said about Larry Merchant in a recent press conference.

The Briefest of Odes to Jim Gray


On the way home from a small get together for the Super Bowl, I was tuned in to Westwood One's post-game coverage. Lo and behold, there was a voice that I had not heard in quite some time, a voice...


Mayweather vs Merchant Bout Falls Through

Las Vegas, NV 24 Jan 2012 Sources close to the Floyd Mayweather camp leaked news today that negotiations have broken down for a May 5 bout with 80-year-old HBO boxing analyst Larry Merchant for...

Alvarez vs Mosley "Doesn't Pass the Smell Test," Says Larry Merchant


Shane Mosley is being considered for a fight with Canelo Alvarez. Bad Left Hook has more on this terrible idea.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?


FLOYD MAYWEATHER Jr: The chicken crossed the road because he's afraid to fight me. He's nothing anyways, crossing roads I crossed already, cleaning up my sloppy seconds. I'm not saying he's on...

Larry Merchant Reacts To Dana White's Insults, Respects UFC's Street Fighting Revenue


Larry Merchant responds to Dana White's barbs. Merchant says he respects White for making street fighting a major business.

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