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Olympics 2012 Boxing: NBC Commentators Booted From Ringside, Choose to Leave London

NBC has chosen to leave London for boxing coverage, and will have commentators record their work in New York for the final days of the tournament, following a spat with AIBA. Bad Left Hook has more.

Olympics 2012 Boxing: Women's Semifinals and Men's Quarterfinals Schedule For August 8, 2012


Women's boxers are in their semifinal matches today, as 12 women in three weight classes look to march forward toward a gold medal, while the men's light flyweight, light welterweight, and light...

Olympics 2012 Boxing Controversy: Heavyweight Protests Denied, Competition Losing All Credibility


Despite there seeming to be precedence to overturn both decisions, Siarhei Karneyeu and Jose Larduet had their protests denied in London, as Olympic boxing continues to lose credibility. Bad Left...

Olympics 2012 Boxing - Round of 16 Recap: The Collapse of Team USA


The collapse of Team USA boxing was far less to do with the fighters than it was the program itself. Bad Left Hook has more from the round of 16 in London.

Olympics 2012 Boxing: Quarterfinal Matchups Set in London


The round of 16 has concluded in London for Olympic boxing, and the quarterfinal matchups on the men's side are set. The women do get underway for the first time ever tomorrow morning, with all...

Olympics 2012 Boxing: Errol Spence Wins Appeal, Team USA Lives On


Errol Spence is back in the Olympics after winning his appeal of a controversial loss to India's Krishan Vikras. Bad Left Hook has more.

Olympics 2012 Boxing: Team USA's Michael Hunter Should Have Won Bout, According to Official London 2012 Site


Was Team USA heavyweight Michael Hunter Jr wronged by officials who miscounted the scores of his bout? Bad Left Hook has more on increasing controversy in London for Olympic boxing.

Olympics Boxing 2012: Referees Suspended, Expelled in Iran and Japan-Azerbaijan Controversies


Two referees have been punished due to boxing controversies in London, with one expelled. Bad Left Hook has more on the Iran DQ and the Japan-Azerbaijan controversies.

Olympics Boxing 2012 - Ogogo vs Khytrov: Was Countback Score Miscalculated?


Anthony Ogogo may not be moving on to the quarterfinals after all, as it appears for now that the originally announced countback score was miscalculated. Bad Left Hook has more on the Ogogo vs...

Olympics 2012 Boxing: Round of 32 Recap and Notes - Team USA Starts Well, But NBC Coverage Falls Short


Bad Left Hook recaps the first round of boxing from the 2012 Olympics in London, including the status of Team USA, the hot starts for Great Britain and Cuba, the best fighters of the tournament...

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