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Houllier's Health, Adam's Hoofs, and Other Wednesday Notes


Since we started off Monday's news and notes with a bit of Chelsea, perhaps it's fitting for United to kick things off today, as in the lead-up to their unfortunate victory over Shalke in the...

Anfield Banter: Luis Garcia = class, LFC = class, Benayoun = er, impatience, Ian Rush bites back at Chelsea, & Kuyt almost does Man U a favor


* Luis Garcia has written a letter to the fans thanking them for their support. * Liverpool may leave 96 empty seats in their new stadium as a memorial to the fans who died at Hillsborough. * Did...

Luis Garcia scores an absolute cracker for Atletico Madrid


Glad to see he's getting back to form. Luis Garcia [0-2] vs LazioUploaded by redhalfofmerseyside

Anfield Banter: Finney inks new deal, A new kid in the scope, Babel defies Van Basten, & Apparently Rafa really wants that guy


* Steve Finnan, arguably the best right back in the Premiership last season, has been rewarded for his efforts with a three year contract. I'm sort of surprised that we signed him for three years...

Anfield Banter: the new stadium, JP, Bells, El Nino, Rick Parry, Titi Camara, & more Q talk


* The 'final' plans for the new stadium could be revealed as early as tomorrow and will definitely be revealed by July 25th, when they have to be in the hands of the city council planners. The...

Fernando Torres passes his medical


El Nino cut his holiday short so he could come to Liverpool today for a medical. At least that shows he is eager to join us. The Is will be dotted and Ts will be crossed tomorrow and then he'll...

They took our Luisy away


Okay, it happened. I cried. Again. Hell, I'm barely holding back the tears now. I had no clue that I had so much love for Luis Garcia. Hell, I don't think I ever wrote nor said anything...

Anfield Banter: Xabi's happy, Sven wants Crouch, Roy ponders Bells, & Hammill to Celtic or Rangers


* My man Xabi has a smile on his face right now that would melt ice cream. Despite losing his buddy, Luisy, he has two things that have made him as happy as a fat kid at an all-you-can-eat buffet....

Anfield Banter: Shunsuke Nakamura, Luis Garcia, Bolo Zenden, Jerzy Dudek, Gabriel Heinze, Fernando Torres, & another kid inked


* Well, it was only a matter of time until the SPL Player of the Year would be mentioned as a transfer target for Liverpool. We need a left winger, he plays left wing, it makes sense. The only...

T-Day: July 10th


Reportedly, Atletico Madrid has informally accepted a bid with the total value of £27m that may or may not include Luis Garcia. Whether or not Torres joins Liverpool is apparently completely up...

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