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Pavlik-Hopkins: You've got to accentuate the positives

He's not Chris Mannix, but Bart Barry has a fine column over at Sportsline.com that really takes the cake for junk coverage of this past weekend's Hopkins over Pavlik stunner. Some excerpts for...

It's a small quibble, but Kevin Iole asked...

Really, Big Kev's mailbag isn't so bad this week. In fact he's pretty spot-on, I think. But he did wonder about something, and I think I have some answers. When asked by a reader whether or not...

Chris Mannix strikes again!

Next to Chris Mannix and his Sports Illustrated "Inside Boxing" column, Kevin Iole seems like Bert Sugar. He's at it again, with more factually inaccurate crap and just plain ol' crap that got...

More on Chris Mannix and his SI column

I'll admit that I only read the first bit of Chris Mannix's newest boxing column at Sports Illustrated, but that part about Diaz's jab landing 400 times out of his 296 punches made me read on...

Stealing Iole: Episode 6

More fun with the Y! Expert of boxing AND mixed martial arts. I also want to note Kevin's recent Wladimir Klitschko article was really good, and that I pretty much agree 100%. Wladimir is a hell...

Stealing Iole: Episode 4

This is a blockbuster. Francisco Lorenzo’s actions at the end of his fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center with Humberto Soto on Saturday were cowardly, revolting and disgusting. That means...

Stealing Kevin Iole: Episode 3

Couple of good ones this week. PACQUIAO NOT NO. 1 Why do you think your group of analysts and experts have Pacquiao at No. 1 even though he has essentially lost to Juan Manuel Marquez twice?...

Stealing Kevin Iole: Episode 2

I'm not going to do full Iole mailbags all the time. Actually it'll be rare. Again, I don't hate Kevin Iole or anything like that. He's occasionally VERY VERY hilariously off-base, but for the...

Stealing Kevin Iole: Episode 1

I'm not trying to make any bones about this: I'm stealing Kevin Iole's hard work and talking about his opinions. Iole takes a lot of heat from both boxing and MMA fans for his fight opinions, but...

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