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BREAKING NEWS: Miguel Cotto hires new trainer


Miguel Cotto will not be working with Emmanuel Steward for his upcoming December 3rd fight. He has hired Cuban trainer Pedro Diaz. You can read his letter in the link (English and Spanish).

Juan Manuel Lopez: Waiting on the sonic boom


Juanma continues to seek superstardom in America.

15 Jabs


Random notes on boxing

Shane Mosley: Missed opportunities and second chances


Shane Mosley hopes to rebound after "the loss".

Floyd Mayweather: It's the same old song and dance


Ever since he moved up to welterweight, Mayweather has made it his job to avoid the top welters. It is getting, or rather, has gotten old. Maybe he should retire or move back to lightweight.

Pacquiao vs Clottey: Catchweight would not be an issue for Clottey


Some members of Team Pacquiao want the fight at 145 pounds. That bis fine with Joshua. When he beat Zab Judah he only weighed 143.

Live stream of Cotto-Pacquiao press conference


The final fight presser will start at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, streaming live at HBO.com.

Kenny Bayless to Referee Pacquiao-Cotto


Somehow this one flew under the radar, but a couple days ago the Nevada State Athletic Commission named Kenny Bayless as the referee for Pacquiao-Cotto. Good news for us on all fronts. Bayless is a solid referee who will let the fighters do their thing, but won't tolerate the kind of monkey business that was going on during the Cotto-Clottey bout.

Pacquiao-Cotto almost a done deal


November 14, MGM Grand. Pacquiao rumored to be guaranteed $12 million, plus a percentage. Weight still isn't set in stone yet, but Cotto's trainer/nutritionist says he thinks Cotto could make 144 without too many problems. Humberto Soto and Vanes Martirosyan are being bandied about for the undercard.

And Cotto's new trainer is...


Joe Santiago. Basically, he decided to stay in-house and go with his nutritionist, who is a close friend. On the other hand, Santiago has no real training experience whatsoever. Cotto is experienced enough at this point that he can probably get away with this for one fight, but I hope he goes with someone else when he's not already in a camp. Also, hopefully he gets an experienced second who's able to give tactical advice in the corner during the fight. (Link in Spanish)

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