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Super Six dream has officially become a nightmare


Super Six tourney has turned out to be more of a hassle than a success.

Froch vs Abraham: Which one has to rebound once more?


What happens when you put two world class fighters in a ring together, add a little explosiveness and just touch of , "I cannot lose this fight" mentality? What you get is the upcoming Carl Froch-Arthur Abraham bout. Each combatant is coming off of a loss that many in the boxing world thought that they would win. Froch ventured to Denmark to face Mikkel Kessler. Kessler was the odds on favorite heading into Showtime’s Super Six Tournament, but was upset in round one by now tourney favorite, Andre Ward. Some viewed the Ward fight as a bout that showed certain limitations for Kessler. Besides suffering numerous headbutts, Kessler seemed to be outhustled and lost a technical decision. Froch had dealt Andre Dirrell a loss in their first round fight. The fight was, to be honest, hard to watch.

Mogens Palle - the gift that keeps on giving


Mogens Palle, Mikkel Kessler's erstwhile promoter, is claiming that no deal was ever worked out between him and Sauerland, and that he will be suing Kessler, Sauerland and Showtime for putting on the super six tournament without his consent. There's a pretty decent chance that the article was actually ghost-written by Michael Marley, but if it beats Palle's name, then it probably is more than an idle threat.

Mikkel Kessler freed from the bounds of Mogens Palle?


According to Mikkel Kessler's website, he is now being represented by Sauerland event, promoter for Arthur Abraham, among others. However, it's unclear whether this really ends his promotional issues. Yesterday, Palle said that Sauerland's offers to him were a joke and that he wasn't going to accept. In the current articles, it seems to take the view that Kessler is a free agent and was free to sign anywhere, which is what Kessler is in the middle of litigating in Danish court. If Sauerland didn't pay something to Palle, Palle will still be standing in the way, and he still won't be able to fight. At this point, it sounds like Palle's involvement with Kessler is the biggest stumbling block to officially announcing the Showtime super middleweight tournament.

Rumor Mill - Lucian Bute vs Allan Green


Lucian Bute and Allan Green have begun negotiations for a fight this summer. Nice to see something's actually happening after Allan Green called him out. A source close to the Bute camp says that they're looking at a July 10 date on Showtime. The fight would either be in Montreal or Quebec City. It's nice to see that Showtime is taking a major interest in the super middleweight division. While the top of the division isn't necessarily as strong as welterweight or lightweight, there's a ton of depth in the division and a lot of great fights that could be made. Rumor also has it that Showtime is considering putting together a tournament for the weight class, but those things are usually too hard to pull off for it to actually ever happen. In other SMW news, Carl Froch has now turned his attention to calling out Mikkel Kessler, saying he'd throw down in Denmark. What the man lacks in brains, he makes up in balls. Update: Now Dan Rafael is reporting that Bernard Hopkins wants a piece of Froch, in England, at 168. Color me skeptical. Frankly, if Hops is willing to make a fight against Froch, who's not a draw even in the UK, then it pretty much means he's avoiding Dawson, since a Hopkins-Dawson fight would generate a LOT more TV revenue than Hopkins-Froch. Hops can talk all he wants to, but his threats to Adamek proved to be a lot of hot air, and I wouldn't give much credence to this claim either.

Dan Rafael in Vegas: Lots of matchups being discussed


Dan Rafael's blog mentions the following fights being discussed this weekend in Las Vegas: * Ricky Hatton v. the Oscar/Manny winner, obviously * Juan Manuel Lopez and Ivan Calderon possible for the Pavlik/Cotto PPV card in February * Fernando Montiel v. Nonito Donaire in March on Showtime * Winky Wright v. Mikkel Kessler in March/April on HBO * Winky v. Joe Calzaghe (highly unlikely) * Sergio Martinez v. Joe Greene as a co-feature for Berto-Collazo * Jesus Chavez v. Joel Casamayor, Jorge Barrios or Michael Katsidis on Versus in '09

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