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Photos: Legends hit Steiner Store in NY

Boxing legends Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Roberto Duran got together and brought 700 fans to an autograph session at the Steiner Store on Long Island.

Larry Merchant's Greatest Hits: 30-Plus Years of Memorable Quotes


Boxing fans don't always agree with or on Larry Merchant, but he's providing notable quotables for over 30 years on HBO. Bad Left Hook's James Foley rounds up some of the best.

Canelo vs Mosley: Fighters In Their 40s Who Defied the Odds


Shane Mosley isn't who he once was, by Ryan Bivins believes he's still dangerous on May 5 against Canelo Alvarez.

Pacquiao vs Marquez: Analyzing the Fight and Boxing's Great Trilogies


Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez may join the all-time great trilogies in boxing history on November 12. Bad Left Hook looks back at some of the best, including Zale vs Graziano, Ali vs...


How About a Little Scrapbooking!

Maybe the most memorable image in boxing history is that of Ali standing above a prone Liston, imploring him to get up. Everyone has seen the picture. Many even have the image on a rec room or gym...

Fighters and Heartbreakers


Ted Sares is back this afternoon with a look at the way your favorite fighters can often break your heart if you let them.


Is Speed Better Than Power...Or is Defense Better Than Both?

In modern times a fighter must do everything well to be elite. But just doing everything well doesn’t make an elite fighter. They must also do at least one thing great. Sure there are some who did...


Back to the Future

Where have all the blockbusters gone? There are still a few every year. Many more to those that follow boxing closely. But why isn't boxing headlining the way it use to? Why don't today's starts...


Where Are They Now?

Fighters can be fascinating for reasons that are as different as their styles in the ring.  Many of them have given fight fans several nights that they won't ever forget, but often the men...

Floyd Mayweather: It's the same old song and dance


Ever since he moved up to welterweight, Mayweather has made it his job to avoid the top welters. It is getting, or rather, has gotten old. Maybe he should retire or move back to lightweight.

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