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Fight Movie Review #1: Enter the Dragon


In the first edition of the BLH Fight Movie Review, we take a look at the new Blu-ray edition of Bruce Lee's iconic Enter the Dragon from 1973.

Farhood: Best U.S. Olympian pros since '76


Steve Farhood of Showtime Sports shares a top ten list: The best pro fighters who came from Team USA since 1976.

Manny Pacquiao Goes One-On-One With Sugar Ray Leonard on Timothy Bradley Fight and More (Video)


Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Ray Leonard discuss boxing, Pacquiao's fight with Timothy Bradley, and retirement in this video interview.

Larry Merchant's Greatest Hits: 30-Plus Years of Memorable Quotes


Boxing fans don't always agree with or on Larry Merchant, but he's providing notable quotables for over 30 years on HBO. Bad Left Hook's James Foley rounds up some of the best.

Angelo Dundee, Legendary Trainer of Muhammad Ali, Passes Away at Age 90


Angelo Dundee passed away on Wednesday. He was 90 years old. Bad Left Hook has more.

Sugar Ray Leonard Speaks About Aging


Sugar Ray Leonard gave a recent interview that might come under some scrutiny. See what he said.

Khan vs Peterson: The History of Boxing in Washington, DC


Lamont and Anthony Peterson have a chance to put DC boxing back on the map. Bad Left Hook looks back on 50 years of DC boxing history, featuring Keith Holmes, Mark Johnson, Bob Foster, Sugar Ray...

Ward vs Froch: Steve Farhood Ranks the Ten Most Important Fights in Super Middleweight History


Steve Farhood ranks the 1994 bout between Roy Jones Jr and James Toney as the most significant fight in super middleweight history. Bad Left Hook has more.

Classic Fight Series: Wilfred Benitez Turns Sugar Ray Leonard Into a Champion


James Foley looks back on the 1979 fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Wilfred Benitez in the Bad Left Hook Classic Fight Series.

Pacquiao vs Marquez: Analyzing the Fight and Boxing's Great Trilogies


Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez may join the all-time great trilogies in boxing history on November 12. Bad Left Hook looks back at some of the best, including Zale vs Graziano, Ali vs...

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