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Mayweather Assesses the Competition

David Mayo at the Grand Rapids Press has assembled Floyd Mayweather's comments about his potential (and former) opposition, giving them the up or down on their careers.  It's a pretty good article, and you should check out the whole thing. Here are a few highlights:

On Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto:

"On his way down. He's starting to get hit with too many big shots, and big shots are wear and tear on your body. That can't go on too much longer."

On the boxer many fans (not me though) regard as Mayweather's toughest potential opponent, Antonio Margarito. In case you don't know, "Bob" in this comment is Bob Arum, Margarito's promoter:

"I don't really want to talk about this guy, because I see certain things that Bob does that don't make any sense. He says I'm the best fighter in the business, I'm the best fighter since Muhammad Ali, but then he's talking about me ducking and dodging a fighter. He kicks me out of his boxing gym, then wants me to fight his fighter. How can you do talk about doing future business with me if you're conducting yourself with disorderly conduct? He's a grumpy old man."

On 31-0 up-and-comer Paul Williams:

"I don't even know him."

That's Mayweather for you. Many of his comments are predictable, but others are revealing. Check it out.

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