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Oscar v. Floyd: Signed

I wanted to wait two days after we first heard about this fight being signed before I commented, because I had a strange feeling in my bones that maybe if I spoke too soon, it would turn out to be a false report.

But we're two days removed from the Monday deadline that Floyd Mayweather Jr. had to decide on a deal that was on the table to face Oscar De La Hoya on May 5, 2007, and it's done. We'll see that fight.

The fight is huge from a boxing fan standpoint, and huge from a boxing business standpoint, as well. Floyd's the man pound-for-pound, and Oscar's the man dollar-for-dollar.

So now, instead of waiting to see if it'll happen, we've got about six months of gab from both camps to come. And they're already talking.

"The fans aren't going to have anything to worry about. I am going to stand toe to toe with Oscar. He has my word on that. I will be right there in front of him, toe to toe," says Mayweather.

He added that he will knock Oscar out.

In an interview with ESPN, Oscar has already said that this will not be his final fight after all, and that he'll keep going as long as he feels he can compete at a high level.

It's a long way off yet, but mark it down: May 5, 2007. Floyd and Oscar. It's about time.

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