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Mayweather, Briggs dethrone Baldomir, Liakhovich

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Boy, Sergei. Way to make me look like utter shit for saying you're the No. 1 heavyweight in the world.

The Liakhovich/Briggs fight was an absolute abomination until the final 30 seconds, when Briggs floored Liakhovich. The fight probably should have been stopped there, as Sergei was clearly a hair from being out on his feet when he got up, but it continued, and Briggs put every gasp of air he had left (which wasn't much) into one final flurry, sending the champion out of the ring for the KO. Shannon Briggs, at 34, wins a piece of the world heavyweight title.

On the HBO PPV, Floyd Mayweather dominated Carlos Baldomir, using his vastly superior speed to great effect, winning a unanimous decision by scores of 120-108, 120-108 and 118-110. I had it 119-111 Mayweather, and I'm a mildly harsh Mayweather critic/hater. Baldomir was simply out of his league, but he earned a chance to be out of his league. It was the greatest year of Carlos Baldomir's career regardless, but it ends on a sour note. He did not belong in the ring with Floyd.

In the (recent) past, I've been rough on Mayweather ranking my pound-for-pound fighters, but as someone who thought Baldomir had a light chance in this fight, I can't make an argument anymore. I don't like him any more than I did before ("Give me de la Hoya, I'll tax that ass, too!"), but I can't see how I can go against him. He's the best pound-for-pound fighter out there until somebody proves otherwise, and unless he fights the Shane Mosley that showed up to hammer Fernando Vargas this summer, I don't know who's going to do it. He won't fight Margarito until there's money in that, so I'm not even considering it.


Showtime undercard results:

Juan Diaz UD-12 Fernando Angulo - Saw half of this fight, and Diaz, despite lacking KO power, was clearly in control.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez KO-1 James Webb

Luis Collazo TKO-6 Artur Atadzhanov

Marcus Johnson UD-8 Oleksandr Garashchenko

Mario Preskar TKO-1 Gene Valdez

Elio Rojas UD-8 Luis Bolano

Justin Savi KO-2 Michael Mendez


HBO PPV undercard results:

Orlando Salido UD-12 Robert Guerrero - Saw only bits of this one, but that's an upset. Salido may be ready to be Baldomir, Jr.

Paul Williams TKO-6 Santos Pakau

Chris Arreola TKO-7 Damian Wills

Alejo Sepulveda TKO-2 Cedric Holmes


We are now a mere fourteen days away from Pacquiao/Morales, plus Klitschko/Brock is coming up next weekend. It can't be more boring than Liakhovich/Briggs...can it? If anyone can do it, it's Brock.

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