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Miranda vs. Gibbs Recap

I didn't bring my laptop, so I couldn't live blog this match, but there isn't much to say, anyway. First round knockout by Miranda. Gibbs went down with one good blow ... to the forehead. Yes, that's how strong Miranda seems to be. Note that HBO was hyping Gibbs' chin and staying power before the match. Not so, tonight.

This was one of those fights that ended so fast it was hard to get much of a sense of what was going on (aside from the fact that Edison Miranda really is as strong as his fight against Abraham would suggest).

Kellerman did the post-fight interview and pushed for a fight with Jermain Taylor, until Miranda can get Abraham to fight him in the States (assuming that will happen). Miranda said he wants Abraham the most, but only if the fight is in the States. He said he would love to fight Taylor meanwhile. And he would, it would seem after this fight, at the very least have a puncher's chance.

In case you missed it, Miranda's one loss was a highly controversial fight in Germany, in which the judges awarded the fight to his opponent, Arthur Abraham, even though it was a lopsided fight and Miranda actually broke Abraham's jaw in two places. Abraham wanted to quit, but his corner encouraged him on, and he fought, bloody-mouthed and bobble-jawed, in an impressive if brutal display of determination. Miranda had no less than five points deducted by the German judges, a couple of which were legit, but many, not. Most thought Miranda was robbed. He wants payback.

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