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Here's Why You Should Be With Us for Upcoming Fights

Gentle Readers (can I call boxing fans "gentle readers"?), we want you here for all the big fights, before, during, and after the main events. Here's some of what you'll get.

Boxing News at Light Speed

We're all avid followers of the various boxing sites and forums. We will be scouring the web to find out what you need to know and present it here. Think of this site as a clearinghouse for up-to-the-second news, rumors, and commentary. We will find the dirt, and whether you are the gambling type or not, you'll want to hear this stuff.

Our Predictions

We're going to be publicly calling all the big fights. You'll hear from each of us, and we won't mince words. Think of the fun you'll have mocking us when we're wrong, as I will mock Kevin, when Mosley kicks Vargas's ass (again).

Your Predictions

We want to know what you think! Before the big matches, we'll be hosting polls, where you can put yourself on the line. Then we'll average your predictions and present them here in a post -- let's see if your collective wisdom is more accurate than ours.

Live Open Threads During the Big Fights

Call us geeks, but yes, we will be live blogging the big fights. Don't want to shell out for pay-per-view? We will (well maybe not for the Rahman vs Maskaev embarrassment), and you can tune in here to find out what's going on. And if you're the blogging type, we want you joining us in these threads. They will be lively.


And when the party's over, come back to find out why things went down the way they did. Did I mention that you can mock Kevin about his predictions?

See you soon.

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