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BLH LiveBlog: Pacquiao v. Larios

Manny Pacquiao (41-3-2, 33 KO) v. Oscar Larios (56-4-1, 36 KO)

Matt and myself are both picking Pacquiao by rather early KO. It's not to dis Larios, but Pacquiao is stronger and quicker and has the home field advantage.

The undercard fights on this show aren't even worth discussing. Honestly, I was about to pay $40 for this last-minute, but I came to my senses. There's no logic behind it. This is an HBO-level main event unless it had a solid undercard, and it does not. I don't know if anyone else is going to be tuning in, but I'm putting this up just because.

Come time for Mosley/Vargas and almost all other big fights, and the LiveBlogs will be jumping, believe me. If you're watching, feel free to leave some comments on how the fight is, how you scored it if it goes all 12, or whatever else. And if you did order it, you are almost certainly a huge Pacman supporter.

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