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Debate for the Day... Tarver vs. Lacy

It's a slow news day so I figured I'd put something out here to maybe get a little debate going.

Reports are that the talks between Jeff Lacy and Antonio Tarver have started to break down with Lacy's camp claiming they are not being offered a fair amount and Tarver claiming that his people made Lacy an offer for $1.5 million (an amount wich the Lacy camp denies ever hearing of).

Lacy is talented but looked out of his league against Calzaghe.  Tarver got humbled by an old Bernard Hopkins and his only real name wins are against a shot Roy Jones Jr. and a journeyman Glen Johnson (I like Johnson but there is no denying that he is a journeyman).

My question to you...

If this fight does take place who wins?

Discuss and I'll jump in with my thoughts a little later.

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