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Vargas vs Mosley: Finished Business

By now, we all have heard the results of Vargas's so-called "unfinished business." Well, it's certainly finished now. I'm going to spare Kevin on his ... ahem ... "misguided" pick on this one, knowing that he probably suffered more at the hands of his bookie than he can from me. Brent was closest with his pick this round, but none of us predicted anything this one-sided. Let's hope Brent is wrong about the other half of his call--that this statement fight will be followed by a "huge disappointment" (I'm assuming he meant against Mayweather). If you missed the fight, here is a short video clip of Sugar Shane's impressive and climactic left hook.

So Vargas is going to move up in weight, but even Kevin admits now that he is through as a fighter. And Mosley's currency goes through the roof. I'm proud that I had him on my top 10 PFP list before this fight, and I'll bet he'll be appearing on a lot of other such lists soon.

I'm reassured now in my belief that Mosley--not Margarito, not Oscar--is the man with the best chance to beat PBF. Only Mosley has the handspeed to match PBF's, thus equalizing Mayweather's biggest asset. Equally important, this fight suggests Mosley is a stronger puncher than he has been given credit for--and that his return to his father's old "power boxing" approach was not just hype. The obstacle to the fight is of course De la Hoya, as Floyd would never risk a dangerous opponent like Mosley with that huge Golden Boy payday potentially just over the horizon. If the DLH fight falls through, then we may very well see what I regard as the better fight against Mosley.

In other news, Winky Wright has joined forces with DLH's Golden Boy productions in a smart move for all concerned, and Smokin' Joe Frazier is returning to the ring at 62.

Don't worry, though, as it's only an exhibition bout for charity against the 65 year-old mayor of Memphis.

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