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Why I'm really psyched for Baldomir/Gatti

This is hardly going to be in-depth, but let me tell you something: I'm excited for this Saturday's HBO matchup between Carlos Baldomir and Arturo Gatti. Considering neither fighter is an A-level name or boxer, that's saying something.

HBO has done a great job, from my perspective, of promoting this fight. Why? Very simple: They're focusing entirely on Gatti, as I expected. Despite beating Judah, Baldomir is still not a name. He's a nine-loss fighter with a big upset win to his credit. Gatti is, well, he's Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, one of the most consistently exciting fighters in the game. I don't really count myself as a Gatti supporter (I always rooted for Ward), but I do consider myself a Gatti fan. His fights are hyped as wars and he rarely doesn't deliver.

As for Baldomir, I like that he's not being promoted very much here. He's the type of guy -- a tough journeyman fighter with nothing to lose because he wasn't supposed to get here to begin with -- that I think is going to stand in there with Gatti and go toe-to-toe. And I think he'll beat Gatti. And I think he should beat Gatti.

It'll be tough for Baldomir to get a decision win, of course, not only because it's Atlantic City, but because Gatti is a minor drawing card that still has some money legs left on him if he can win this fight.

I also can't help but be eaglerly anticipating watching this fight with surround sound in my new apartment, but that's more a personal reason, I guess.

Baldomir TKO 9. Call it!

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