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Simnerd: Gatti vs. Baldomir

For a little bit of a last look at the Arturo Gatti vs. Carlos Baldomir I turned to Title Bout Championship Boxing 2 (the best boxing simulator available).

I ran a simulation of the bout 10 times, watching the first and just checking the results of the remaining 9.

In the 10 fights Carlos Baldomir won 9; 5 by UD, 2 by TKO and 2 by MD.  The 5th fight of the series went to Gatti by UD.

While this doesn't mean anything in the real world last weekends fight ended with a seventh round Mosley TKO when I simulated it, and the weekend before a simulation of Spinks/Karmazin resulted in a close decision win for Spinks.

The Official Title Bout Championship Boxing Prediction Carlos Baldomir by unanimous decision (scores: 115-113, 114-113, and 114-113)

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