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Toney/Peter pick and the possibility of Winky/Oscar

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tomorrow night's Showtime bout between James Toney and Samuel Peter pits an aging veteran (Toney, at 38, is going for his 70th win) against an explosive power puncher that put Wlad Klitschko down three times, but has yet to gain a big win. Give me Peter in this fight, and I think it's going to be early, five rounds or less. Toney is not strong enough to keep Peter at bay, and while he could outbox him I think, I just don't see him holding Peter back long enough to do it. Peter by KO.

Winky Wright, who is hinting that he will fight Jermain Taylor again (possibly on December 2, promoted by HBO), has said he'd love to fight Oscar de la Hoya. Right now, Oscar is looking at both Mayweather and a possible rematch with Tito Trinidad. Oscar says he'd prefer to fight Floyd since many consider him the top pound-for-pound fighter in the game, but he's also had some strong words in regard to Mayweather backing away from a fight with Antonio Margarito. In a nutshell, Oscar is arguing that if Mayweather is asking who Margarito has beaten to deserve a shot at him, he should perhaps look in the mirror and ask himself who he's beaten to deserve a fight with the Golden Boy next May. Hard to argue.

As a boxing fan, I would rather see Oscar fight Winky than either Mayweather or Tito, as I think that'd wind up being the best fight. But it won't happen. I'd settle for Oscar/Floyd and Taylor/Wright II if it came to it. Oscar/Tito II is not something I'd pay for, I don't think. Trinidad was handled too easily by Winky for me to think he can come back after two years off and beat de la Hoya again, although it'd be a nice finishing point for Oscar, if it is indeed his final fight and he were able to get the duke this time. The first one was more than close enough, but it will have been nearly seven years ago by the time this fight comes around.

That Klitschko/Briggs fight is on ice, and God knows what we'll actually wind up with. There's been talk of Klitschko/Maskaev, Klitschko/Brock, Klitschko/Liakhovich, Liakhovich/Briggs, Valuev figuring in somewhere, so on and so forth. Love them heavyweights.

And on the subject of heavyweights, we might see Evander Holyfield take on Fres Oquendo in November. I'll probably take a pass on that one.

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