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Updated P4P Top 10

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Whoo, despite a lackluster main event, that was a card that lived up to some hype. How about that?

And of course, now I want to do my pound-for-pound top ten over. I haven't done one since July, and plenty has happened since then.

For one, I'm dropping Bernard Hopkins, who I had at No. 5 last time out, because I stupidly really think he's not going to fight again.

1. Winky Wright (1)

I'm staying with my man Winky for now. He outboxed Taylor. It's as simple as that. I still think there is nobody in the sport that is tougher to beat than Winky Wright. I will say that I'm disappointed that he's choosing to fight Ike Quartey on December 2 instead of Taylor, even with as solid as Quartey looked against Vernon Forrest.

2. Manny Pacquiao (2)

Pacquiao could be No. 1, and it's not just the Pacmaniacs being how they can get. Pacquiao is a tremendous fighter. His fans can get overbearing, but to watch him fight is to know he's the real deal. The rubbermatch with Morales in November is huge, but I just can't see Morales beating him.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (3)

I hate ranking Pretty Boy Floyd this high. He's 36-0, he's been a great fighter at times, and he hasn't fought anyone in so long that I am at the point where I'm truly annoyed with Mayweather and he's become one of the fighters I just do not like. No 36-0 champion with Mayweather's pedigree should be someone who is in dire need of putting up or shutting up.

4. Jermain Taylor (6)

Tough fighter, classy fighter, and I can't wait for a possible Taylor/Wright rematch, if we ever do get it. Given how you feel about his last three decisions, you could say that Taylor's career right now is everything that's wrong with boxing. But he's such a great guy -- and a good fighter that's still improving -- that I would say that Jermain Taylor is everything that boxing should aspire to become again. Ouma may well prove a bad matchup and a bad business decision for Taylor, but I don't think anyone's gonna say that Jermain Taylor is ducking quality fights.

5. Joe Calzaghe (7)

Not much I can really add about Calzaghe. He's a stud.

6. Israel Vazquez (9)

I remember nobody else named Vazquez last time around. Well, how about now? He hasn't faced the same level of fighters as a lot of guys, sure, but that was a gritty win against Jhonny Gonzalez. I liked Vazquez before, and I like him even more now.

7. Marco Antonio Barrera (4)

He's not the same fighter he used to be, not in style or in skill. But Barrera can still fight, has the track record, and beat Rocky Juarez rather soundly. It wasn't exciting, but he got the job done. If he fights the winner of Morales/Pacquiao in March, that'll be a real test to see what Barrera has left in the tank.

8. Rafael Marquez (8)

Rafael Marquez is Rafael Marquez.

9. Shane Mosley (-)

Watching Mosley absolutely decimate a game Fernando Vargas was like a blast from the past. I'd forgotten how devastating Mosley used to be, or maybe I just thought that was long in the past. No, Sugar Shane can still go. I don't know how many fights he really has left, but I don't see any of the big dogs lining up to fight him right now either. He may have effectively ended Vargas' career with that last fight.

10. Ricky Hatton (10)

41-0. Wasn't impressive against Collazo, and should stay where he's comfortable. Hatton deserves to be here, but it's close for me between Hatton and Diego Corrales. Joel Cassamayor may not be what he once was, but if Corrales is impressive in that fight, he could easily be back in the top ten.

One other guy I have resting just outside my top ten is Carlos Baldomir. He doesn't have the prettiest record in boxing, but man, Baldomir has looked unfuckwithable his last two fights. He embarrassed Judah, and then he destroyed Arturo Gatti. Again, I think it's time for Mayweather to put up or shut up. And I hope Baldomir shuts him up.

Oh, and who's psyched for the Axel Schulz comeback? Shit, watch your back, heavyweight division.

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