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Here we go again

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

"He didn't do shit. ... I ain't done with your punk ass. I got something for you if you want it."

Gotta love James Toney.

The Staples Center crowd disagreed with the decision, but what do you expect? They're an American crowd cheering for the American fighter. Peter beat Toney on two cards, 116-111, and lost on the third card, 115-113.

Samuel Peter is now the mandatory challenger for Oleg Maskaev's WBC heavyweight title, but James Toney says he isn't done, and frankly, why should he be? It's still a soft division and Toney proved against Peter that his chin is still there.

Toney also exposed that Peter remains a one-dimensional fighter. I was expecting (or hoping, since I think he has the potential to be a very, very exciting fighter, and this fight was entertaining) that his game had improved since the Klitschko fight, but not really. It's still big right hands all the way, and Toney took those, staggered some, and then outboxed Peter.

It's hardly the worst decision I've ever seen (...this year), but it's also very easy to argue for Toney. And I'll admit it, even though I thought Toney was going down: I'll argue for Toney.

And if you (almost assuredly) missed it, Clinton Woods beat Glen Johnson in England last night, too, successfully defending the IBF light heavyweight title. It was the third fight the two have had, following a draw in November of 2003 and a Johnson victory three months after that. Woods improves to 40-3-1, and Johnson falls to 44-11-2.

The final scores on that fight were 115-113 for Johnson on one card, 115-112 for Woods on another, and 116-112 for Woods on the third.

After the brouhaha from Toney-Peter settles, attention should be turned to the upcoming Barrera/Juarez II pay-per-view, one I'm really looking forward to. Their first fight was one of the best of the year, and the undercard features undefeated Joan Guzman against Jorge Rodrigo Barrios, plus Jhonny Gonzalez/Israel Vazquez fight that I'm very excited for.

Speaking of this year's best fights, we've only got a few months left in 2006. Anybody got an early pick for fight of the year?

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