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More thoughts on Hatton/Urango

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Most everyone I'm talking to seems to think that Hatton will dominate Juan Urango this Saturday. I really do think Urango is going to put up a better fight than most apparently expect. Hatton is a force at 140, but even at 41-0, who has he beaten? Collazo is quality, and I thought he lost that one, plus that was 147 and Hatton is just not a guy that needs to move up in weight. Kostya Tszyu remains Hatton's most notable victory, and of course Tszyu was almost 36 years old when that fight came about.

Does anyone think Urango has any shot against Hatton? Do you think I'm just trying to create a competitive fight in my head when deep down I probably know that this is another Hatton lawnmower job?

On the subject of Hatton, also, I've never mentioned it here, but I've found Hatton's opinion of his fight against Collazo to be truly classy. In a recent statement where he said he'd never fight over 140 again unless it was at 147 and against Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Hatton said of the Collazo fight, "I would not change things for the world because it was a great achievement for me to move up and win a version of the world title in my first fight at that weight. But even though I won, it showed that it was a light welter fighting a welterweight world champion. It is clear to see that I am not a natural welterweight."

In a sport where fighters are rarely up front and honest about their shortcomings -- where James Toney squawks about clear defeats -- it's refreshing that Hatton acknowledges what everyone saw.

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