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Calzaghe-Kessler Hype Machine: Calzaghe v. Mitchell, 2003

Byron Mitchell was known as "The Slama from 'Bama," a tough, heavy-handed puncher who had twice won the WBA super middleweight belt. In his previous fight, he'd lost his strap to IBF champion Sven Ottke in a controversial split decision, so he took to the ring three and a half months later to face WBO champion Joe Calzaghe in Cardiff.

Mitchell lost three fights in his career, all in Europe. He went 23-0-1 in the States, and 2-3 abroad. The fight with Calzaghe would be his last.

He took the fight to Calzaghe, and tried to rough up the flashy, quick-handed Pride of Wales. Here's what happened.

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