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McCline fingered in PED investigation, fight still on

Jameel McCline's name has risen in the investigations of the Infinity Longevity clinic of Boca Raton, a facility that had connections with Orlando's now-infamous Signature Pharmacy.

According to reports, McCline received large amounts of steroids and other drugs (including human growth hormone, testosterone and the estrogen blocker tamoxifen) from 2005 until last December. The steroids included stanozolol, which was one of Major League Baseball's most popular brands, the anabolic steroid that Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for in 2005.

His fight Saturday with interim WBC heavyweight champion Samuel Peter is still going forward as planned. McCline took his pre-fight physical already, and it should be noted, probably, that he was clean on tests before and after his 2004 title fight with Chris Byrd.

The fact of the matter is that McCline almost certainly has abused performance-enhancing drugs, although what that really means is debatable. He's never been a great fighter, but it's arguable that PEDs made him as good as he is. MLB pitcher Ryan Franklin tested positive; he is a marginal major league talent. Without them, he may spend an entire career in the boondock minor league towns.

Whatever happens, this was almost certainly going to be McCline's last major fight, and it's probably just more certain now. He was to be fodder for a Vitali Klitschko return, now he's set up as fodder for a Peter knockout. The only wrench thrown into the gears would come if he were to score an upset, which the WBC must now be really against in their rooting interests.

Site Note: I'll be here on Saturday night for the Pacquiao-Barrera card. Slightly against my better judgment, the $50 PPV will be live in my living room and there I'll be, sitting with a laptop to talk about the four-fight card. Whether you order or not, be sure to join us on Saturday night Pacquiao-Barrera II.

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