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Oscar in camp with Hatton

"Mayweather needs a humbling experience, he's a brat," said Oscar de la Hoya. "The Golden Boy" is currently helping upcoming Mayweather challenger Ricky Hatton in camp, preparing him for the "Pretty Boy," and maybe lending insight that few others can.

To me, this says something about just how difficult it is to prepare for Floyd. You may recall that Oscar got help in camp from Shane Mosley, who is notable for being able to mimic the styles of other fights, and was thought by most to be the only guy of similar size that could replicate Floyd's speed and movement. Oscar giving Hatton a hand in training is much the same scenario, really.

Billy Graham said something on "24/7" that I think is true -- Floyd and his camp know Hatton is not as one-dimensional and simplistic as they have made him out to be. And, if they don't know that, they're going to be in for a surprise.

Look, I'm not changing my tune. Floyd is too good for Hatton. But I am getting behind Ricky like never before. He's great for the sport, an easy-to-relate-to fighter with no nonsense that, at times, fights in an exciting fashion. And I expect we'll see more of the vintage "Hitman" that made Hatton a star, pressing action, hammering the body, and using his underrated footwork to his advantage.

There are two Ricky Hattons -- the guy that fights like a real banger, and a good one, and "Hook-n-Hold Hatton," who isn't really much to watch and would get eaten alive by Mayweather.

Hopefully, the pressure-and-volume Hatton shows up.

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