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Mayweather vs. Hatton: Debating Our Friends Across the Pond

One of our readers from the U.K. (at least I'm assuming he's from the U.K.--he's a Hatton fan and uses the adjective "brilliant" a lot) has contacted me about the upcoming Mayweather vs. Hatton megafight, asking if I would be willing to debate Ian McNeilly, from on the subject of who will win this war. I'm not a particularly big Mayweather fan, but this one seemed too easy, and like Floyd taking the bait from Hatton, I agreed. Steve has set up a new blog, Boxing on the Box, devoted exclusively to this fight. He's posted the first salvo in our three round verbal dust-up, and he's got a lot of other cool content up, especially if you're a Hatton fan. So go check out Steve's blog and vote for who you think won this round of the debate in his poll on the right sidebar.

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