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Update on the Williams-led HBO card

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Credit: Dan Rafael (as usual)

How about this for a triple-header on February 2?

Paul Williams v. TBA
Chris Arreola v. David Tua
Andre Ward v. Allan Green

Man, I'll take it.

Arreola-Tua has slugfest written all over it. Arreola is the rare Mexican heavy, a guy who's willing to bang, and we all know David Tua. Tua is going to be one of those guys whose fights I'll go back to for the rest of my life, just for something to watch on a lazy afternoon. And he still comes swinging with the bombs, and he still makes it worth your while. I'd love to see him back on HBO, and it'd undoubtedly be an enjoyable heavyweight fight.

Ward-Green? I have two thoughts. First off, I like it. I think a healthy Allan Green would've dusted Edison Miranda before Kelly Pavlik ever got around to it. It's a huge step up in competition for the very talented Ward, and it may be too much, too soon. Green has a ferocity that I love. The guy can finish, a trait that makes a boxer that much more entertaining. Pavlik has it, Ponce de Leon has it, Oscar always had it.

And, as far as the Williams fight goes, any of the four possible replacements would make for something at least somewhat intriguing. I'd love to see them do a Margarito rematch, but that's not happening. Quintana is a legit fighter who ran into Miguel Cotto -- big deal. Judah is still Zab Judah. Mayorga is still Ricardo Mayorga. Collazo is the guy who least intrigues me, but he's a tough opponent for anyone.

I really do hope we get Ward-Green and Arreola-Tua added to that card, which will come from St. Lucia. That could be a superbly fun night of boxing.