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Oscar still believes in Hatton fight, but Graham says no

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Source: Boxing Scene

The skinny: Billy Graham says he does not want to see Ricky Hatton fight again at welterweight, and that he doesn't care about the money. But Oscar de la Hoya is still confident that he and Hatton could sell a fight to massive numbers in England. As Boxing Scene speculates, I agree -- that kind of money may be too much to pass up.

But I fundamentally agree with Billy Graham. Hatton is not a welterweight. He's just not. He can be competitive at the weight, but he's probably borderline top 10 at 147, at best.

At 140, the options are more limited, but still interesting. I'd love to see Hatton against Paulie Malignaggi, a slick, defensive-minded counter-puncher with great hand speed who is willing to engage in a brawl if it comes at him. I feel it'd be a very entertaining fight.

And then there's Junior Witter, who has long campaigned for a fight with Hatton. That fight could do a huge gate in England, and it'd be between, in my mind, the two obvious best fighters at 140.

Right now, it's a waiting game. Oscar could pony up cash that no fighter could resist, but it's obvious -- as it was after Collazo -- that Team Hatton understands clearly that the "Hitman" is best off at 140.