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Holyfield prepping for another comeback

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Source: Boxing Scene has been informed by trainer Tim Knight that 45-year old former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is in the gym working toward another comeback run, which could start in early 2008 against Nigerian-born, Vegas resident Friday Ahunanya.

Don't know Ahunanya? He's 36, with a career record of 23-5-3 (13 KO), and has losses to Sergei Liakhovih, Sultan Ibragimov, Taurus Sykes, Alexander Povetkin (Povetkin's seventh pro fight), and Lance Whitaker, plus a draw with Dominick Guinn.

His biggest win may have come in his last fight, an upset of then-unbeaten New Zealander Shane Cameron. He's 3-0-1 in his last four fights.

But, well...

Look. Holyfield doesn't need to be fighting. I again will say that if he's healthy enough to pass the tests and keep a license, then God be with him. But can anyone take this seriously anymore? He's 45 years old. He was dominated by Ibragimov -- he fought competently, but that's it. He was overmatched simply because he is old.

Let's hope nobody tries to put Holyfield's next fight on TV. Enough is enough.