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Boxing-MMA crossover from

Our SB Nation friends at Bloody Elbow have posted an interesting take on boxing perhaps being more intuitive than MMA -- or not. Luke Thomas examines the issue, and I recommend taking a read.

From Luke's piece:

In other words, MMA is in many cases more accessible than boxing because of the sometimes frenetic pace of battle. It's not the sport that's easier to understand; it's the battle itself. Let's contrast Guida vs. Huerta to Hatton vs. Mayweather, for example. Side by side, Guida vs. Huerta has a "sprint" feel whereas Hatton vs. Mayweather appears much more like a marathon. Remember, part of boxing - and what PBF is very gifted at - is being elusive, methodical and plotting. In boxing, the wild exchanges deep in the pocket generally have little to no place. Boxing involves an important but narrower skill set than MMA. It may seem boring to the uninitiated, but the poker face of boxers and their deliberate yet measured attacks are part and parcel of the elite game. Because of the nature of the fight, that type of gamesmanship isn't often allowed in MMA.