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Taylor looking at Calzaghe after Pavlik

Source: BBC Sport

While not looking past his February rematch with middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik, Jermain Taylor is setting his sights on Joe Calzaghe down the line, which should surprise no one.

Taylor had planned to move to super middleweight after the first fight with Pavlik in September, but after a Fight of the Year contender that wowed audiences, made a star of Pavlik, and even re-energized the somewhat stagnant career of Taylor, he exercised the rematch clause in the fight contract.

But, the move to 168 is inevitable, and Calzaghe is the big fish. Lou DiBella says that he's not confident that Calzaghe's proposed battle with Bernard Hopkins will actually happen, and that even if it does, he can't see Hopkins defeating the younger, faster, stronger Calzaghe.

Joe Calzaghe is now one of boxing's most wanted men, as seemingly everyone spanning three weight classes would like to take a crack at him. He's earned the target, needless to say.