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Video: Khan destroys Earl

Since most Americans haven't seen it, I figured I'd post the video of Amir Khan's 21st birthday bombing of Graham Earl across the pond, which took place the same day as Ricky Hatton's big shot and big loss.

The Brits have been steadily rising on the global boxing stage since Lennox Lewis and, especially, Naseem Hamed made their names. With Calzaghe and Hatton at the top of their respective weight classes (and Junior Witter just behind Hatton at 140, although he hasn't quite gone global, and probably never will, which is a shame), it's one of the world's hottest spots for prize fighting.

Now, we get Amir Khan. I had my doubts about Khan when he was rocked by light-fisted Scot Willie Limond, but Khan was (and is) very young.

Now, he puts it down on the tough Graham Earl. Earl isn't a world-class fighter, but many thought he'd really be a fine test for Khan. Instead, the young gun cuts him down -- fast.

His hand speed is top-notch, his power is good, and he's still got a ton of time to get even better. This is most likely Britain's next great pugilistic star.

And it's not as if Earl is some glass-chinned chump that can't take a punch, either. For evidence of that, check out this scintillating round between Earl and Aussie slugger Michael Katsidis from February. This I'm putting up just for fun -- enjoy these two savagely beating the hell out of one another!

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