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News & Views: Floyd-Ricky numbers, Chatter at 140, Donaire, Duddy-Lee?, Khan, more

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News: The numbers are in, and Mayweather-Hatton was a smash. Early estimates have the fight at 850,000 buys and $47 million in TV revenue, making it the richest fight in history not involving Oscar de la Hoya, Mike Tyson, or Evander Holyfield. [ESPN]

Views: It falls shy of the one million mark that I honestly expected it would hit, but not by much. To put this in perspective for those that don't really follow PPV numbers and that sort of thing: You know how Manny Pacquiao is a big star? Pacquiao's biggest fights -- and this goes for Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, who held the Latino audience, too -- top out around 350K. Floyd, Ricky, HBO, Golden Boy, and everyone else will be having a very Merry Christmas indeed.

News: UK papers are abuzz with trash talk and goading from Junior Witter and Paulie Malignaggi, all centered on Ricky Hatton. Hatton plans to fight a tune-up in the UK for the hometown fans, then go up against Malignaggi at MSG later in the year, likely the summer. Witter still wants Hatton, but is willing to fight Malignaggi. Paulie, meanwhile, has a fight with Herman Ngoudjo on January 5, and then wants Hatton.

Views: So, really, here's exactly what'll happen: Hatton will fight and win a tune-up, since it's unlikely he'll be taking on anyone too dangerous. Paulie should beat Ngoudjo. Those two will fight at MSG in the summer. And Junior Witter won't fight either of them, and will soldier on as one of the sport's best and most ignored talents.

News: Manny Steward and others are talking about a potential John Duddy-Andy Lee showdown in Ireland for 2008. (Credit: Setanta Sports)

Views: Makes all the sense in the world for Andy Lee, as I think he'd pound Duddy much the same as he has everyone else thus far. It makes no sense on Duddy's part past the money it would do in Ireland, because Duddy has a fight with Kelly Pavlik all but delivered. Why would he risk anything against someone as good as Andy Lee? Honestly, he's probably going to get knocked out by Pavlik, but at least that's for the middleweight title.

News: Gary Shaw and Nonito Donaire have patched things up, and will continue to work together. (Credit: Manila Standard Today)

Views: Donaire would've been picked up by Top Rank or Golden Boy very quickly, so keeping him on board is a win for Gary Shaw. It also did seem like Donaire was a little out of line and getting somewhat ahead of himself in this case, too. As our own Kevin Gonzalez said when the story was unfolding, Donaire went to the media before he went to his promoter with his complaints, which was stupid.

News: The British Boxing Board of Control has named Commonwealth lightweight champion Amir Khan as the mandatory to British champ Jonathan Thaxton, and ordered the fight to take place before April. Khan is still scheduled to return on February 2, and still likely against Yuri Romanov.

Views: Thaxton is really gung-ho about it, if this quote is any indication: "I believe I can beat Khan. He's still young and inexperienced. In a year or two he would probably beat me." Thaxton is 33 and has had a journeyman-type career with a late bloom. I have to think Khan would make relatively short work of him, and I mean no disrespect to Thaxton by saying so.

News: Bob Arum has been talking again. He's said that Erik Morales wants to return to the ring, but that he will have nothing to do with it after Morales told him after his last fight that every time he was hit, he felt a buzz in his head. He also said that Marco Antonio Barrera had been contemplating another fight, and that Barrera wasn't in shape for his loss to Manny Pacquiao. And, finally, that Pacquiao might fight Ricky Hatton in Dubai in November 2008, should Pacquiao get past Juan Manuel Marquez and then David Diaz. "At best," Arum said, "Manny has three years left." (Credit:

Views: The Morales talk and the Barrera talk is just an old man talking. And the thing about a fight at a new Atlantis Hotel in Dubai with Hatton seems a little out there. Maybe ol' Bob is just getting old(er).

News: HBO has decided not to move forward with a Juan Diaz-Michael Katsidis fight in February, after a letter from Don King threatening to sue the network.

Views: By now you all know the story. Golden Boy won the purse bid, Diaz is King's fighter, their contract ends on March 31st, and Diaz isn't re-signing. I'd expect we'll see Diaz-Katsidis as soon as his deal with King is done and he signs with Golden Boy.