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February 9th PPV Card Heating Up

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As Scott already talked about, a proposed Chavez Jr-Alfonso Gomez fight went down the drain after Bob Arum realized how much money Chavez Jr. could generate on smaller PPV Cards.  The Dec. 1st card, in which Chavez Jr. defeated Rey Sanchez did 70,000 buys.  In addition to Chavez Jr, both Jorge Arce and Ivan Calderon were featured on the card.  I had something else to do that night, but otherwise, I would have probably ordered it, mainly because of the undercard.

I'll tell you this, though:  I already know what I'm doing on February 9th.  Even though Chavez is fighting another relatively unknown guy with a padded record, I will be ordering the Top Rank PPV Card from Guanajato.  I enjoy watching Chavez Jr, but, aside from that, there's two great fights scheduled for the undercard:  Jorge Arce vs. Martin Castillo and Bernabe Concepcion vs. Juan Manuel Lopez.  Okay, so I may be somewhat biased towards Lopez, whom I've been paying close attention to since his 6th or 7th pro fight.  His record now stands at 20-0 (18KOs) and it seems like they're trying to use him as a sort of "stepping stone" for Concepcion, who Bob Arum is very high on.  Big mistake.

I imagine Top Rank will add another fight to the card; hopefully it'll be as good as these two. Honestly, these two undercard fights interest me more than a great deal of the cards Showtime offered this year.