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Williams calls out Mosley

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If successful against Carlos Quintana, Paul Williams tells that he would like to line up a big name for his next fight, preferably "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

"I want Sugar Shane next. I'll fight any of the big names, but I want Sugar Shane," Williams said.

Mosley rarely backs away from a challenge, even when it's in his best interest to do so. The most infamous "Sugar" story is how Mosley agreed to fight Winky Wright for $2.5 million dollars, instead of taking an eight-figure deal to face Oscar De La Hoya in a third fight.

It would be an interesting matchup. Williams is going to be awkward for any welterweight to fight given his freakish frame and ability to control a fight from the outside with his large volume of jabs.

Mosley, though, is a different kind of fighter than anyone Williams has faced, and it's not like Tony Margarito didn't have some really great moments in his July loss to "The Punisher." Late in the fight, he had Williams hurt and backpedaling, having finally gotten aggressive enough that he'd decided to weather the incoming storm and test the challenger's chin.

Plus, Margarito hadn't looked too great in a while. He was rather ordinary in his previous fight, a win over tough Joshua Clottey, and started slow. Mosley fought tooth-and-nail with Cotto in November.

Shane has all the necessary tools to get inside on Williams -- guts, chin, and power. As much as I like Paul Williams and think he's a style problem for anyone out there, including Mayweather, I'd have to pick Mosley if he came in the shape he was against Cotto. The difference I see between he and Margarito is not just speed. Mosley's a smarter fighter.

It's also a fight I'd really love to see. If Shane really only has a few more fights, at best, left in his career, it'd be great to see him fight the young lions down the homestretch. He beat Collazo, lost tough to Cotto, and Williams would be a nice next opponent. Who else is there, anyway? Margarito and Cintron seem focused on each other, and it's not like Mosley-Clottey is going to pique anyone's interest.

All that said, Paul Williams better not be looking past Carlos Quintana, because Quintana has the skills to beat him. Though a forgotten man, his only loss is to Cotto. Everyone has lost to Cotto.