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Calzaghe to fight Wright AND Hopkins?

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I actually hadn't at all heard about this before I posted that Winky Wright bit in the post below this one, but apparently there's a real chance that Wink will take on Joe Calzaghe in March or April.

Hopkins-Calzaghe is also looking to be back on, as Hopkins has recently said he has no interest in Jones or Trinidad. "I've been there, done that. Joe's undefeated and I want to be the one who gets rid of his '0'. That would be an accomplishment at this late stage in my career. I'm 43 on 15 January. I need a reason to get up at 5:30 in the morning," said Hopkins.

But Hopkins doesn't want to fight until summer, after Oscar has gotten back into the ring in May. July has been most frequently mentioned as the month for Hopkins' next date. Calzaghe wants to stay busy, so he's looking to defend his 168-pound championship before then.

That would seem to eliminate the rumored bout with Clinton Woods, and Wright was mentioned by Calzaghe as a potential opponent.

According to Wink's trainer, Dan Birmingham, the fight can be made, and Wright -- who long ago made his living fighting in France and Germany -- would have no problem going overseas to face Joe in front of another huge crowd.

"It would be an honor and a pleasure for us to come over there and face Joe, who I consider one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. It would have to be on the right terms and at the right weight. Winky was too heavy against Hopkins and it was an ugly fight."

Going back to the Hopkins fight, it's been reported that Golden Boy Promotions recently made Joe an offer, but he turned it down because they somehow offered him less money than he got for his November unification bout with Mikkel Kessler.

I think it would be phenomenal to see Joe risk his perfect record against Winky Wright before he ever even gets to Hopkins. And as much as I respect Winky Wright's abilities, I don't think the matchup with Calzaghe favors him in any way. He punches too much for Wright, who is at his best working off his jab and shutting down his opponent's offense. The problem is, even Wright's turtle shell defense would be hard-pressed to stop the constant action that Calzaghe brings from all angles.

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