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I want to make one thing extremely clear: I am not -- and I think I can speak for Kevin, Matt and Brent, too -- a boxing insider. I have never once claimed to be. I don't say I break news on anything.

This is a blog -- our purpose is to share news, but far more importantly, give our takes on the news. There are 1,000 sites that you can get news from quicker, though many of those -- believe it or not -- actually just cull their news from reporters, too, and generally fail to credit them with anything.

We are not trying to collect news stories and give you just that. What we want to do is discuss boxing with boxing fans. The posts do have to report the news, or else someone stopping by may well not know what I'm talking about.

Now, I have long had a flaw -- I often forget to link for credit on the news itself. I take responsibility for that, and the two times I've been criticized for it, the critic was correct. I should do that. It takes two seconds. I just have a habit of not thinking about it, and that's my fault. I will not let it happen anymore, because it's stupid of me.

Anyway, for those of you that get the nature of the site and enjoy it and continue to visit, thank you. For those of you offended by the fact that I'm not Dan Rafael or Mark Vester or anyone else, well, sorry. But I hope this clears it up for you. We're not scoop-breakers, we're just trying to provide commentary for anyone that cares to read it. We also love to talk boxing with anyone that has an opinion on it, so use the comment feature liberally. It's why we're here.