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Diaz-Katsidis takes a step forward

Source: Scott Shaffer (Boxing Talk)

Michael Katsidis has signed the contract for a February 9th fight against WBA/WBO/IBF lightweight belt-holder Juan Diaz, leaving only Diaz's signature necessary to move the fight along.

As reported before, HBO has already set that date aside to televise what would be a very interesting matchup between the hyper-busy Diaz and the wickedly powerful Katsidis. It is one of the most compelling possible matchups at 135.

Plus, with convincing wins over Popo Freitas and Julio Diaz, the collapse of Joel Casamayor's value after the Santa Cruz scoring debacle, and Manny Pacquiao's decision to go ahead with a March rematch against Juan Manuel Marquez, there's not a lot out there right now for Diaz that is much better than Katsidis. He could, perhaps, claim the final noteworthy alphabet crown against David Diaz, but the Chicago Diaz is tentatively scheduled for the undercard of Pacquiao-Marquez II, likely designed by Bob Arum to set up a David Diaz-Pacquiao fight should Pacquiao defeat Marquez -- or not, even.

Here's hoping Juan signs, and that Don King works out a deal with Golden Boy, so that this fight can go ahead. It'd be a great late winter attraction, sandwiched between Paul Williams' first title defense and the long-awaited Maskaev-Peter fight on Feburary 2 and Pavlik-Taylor II on the 16th.