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Final pre-fight notes

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It all starts tonight at 9pm, and we'll be here at Bad Left Hook with round-by-round coverage, scoring and analysis of all four fights. Join us and share your thoughts live, as the fights happen!

Weigh-in: Mayweather 147, Hatton 145. Hatton thought that he got too heavy to be comfortable in the ring against Collazo, so knocking a couple of extra pounds off may have something to do with wanting to make sure he'll have the legs to go all 12 at a relentless pace. Mayweather did something similar in May, checking in at 150 (four pounds below Oscar de la Hoya).

George Foreman hates Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: Let's quote some of George's borderline ridiculous thoughts and then ask ourselves, "Hey, why doesn't this guy get to call fights anymore?"

"I love Hatton and I hope he really beats up Mayweather. I think Hatton has got great style and he's always a crowd pleaser, wherever he goes. But who is Mayweather? He's a nobody. When he was young he was a loveable little fella but something went wrong and changed inside him."


"There is no way I would consider him to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He is good but he made a fool of himself against Oscar De La Hoya. He was in the greatest fight of his career and he just ran and ran like a chicken. De La Hoya brought that fight to him all night but I didn't like his style and the way he approached the fight. I thought he was very lucky to win it on points."


"Hatton is a fighter I was interested in following for a very long time, but I really wish he hadn't decided to fight Mayweather. He doesn't need Mayweather. He doesn't need the risk of possibly losing his undefeated record and risking his future in the sport. It is just like when I decided to fight Ali. I just don't know why I chose to do it. I really shouldn't have done it. I took the fight to Ali round after round but then the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. Hatton doesn't need this fight to prove himself. Even worse, it is almost a fight he cannot win. Hatton could beat him up in every round but the judges will just see Mayweather's fancy shots and they'll give the decision to him."

Wow. Let's take a stab at these, in paragraph order:

1. Would someone clue me in as to what this supposedly crowd-pleasing Ricky Hatton style is? I know he has a crowd-pleasing style, but when is the last time it was employed? His last three fights have been the controversial decision over Collazo, which wasn't that exciting in my view, past the fact that Hatton was getting a hell of a test from his opponent; his textbook win over Juan Urango, in which Hatton picked and pecked for the entire fight, which I don't blame him for and thought was a good call on his part; and his easy win over a shot Jose Luis Castillo, which featured a veritable shitload of holding over the three-plus rounds.

2. To say Mayweather doesn't deserve being called the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is idiotic. Everyone, from Hatton to de la Hoya, acknowledges that Floyd is No. 1.

3. Here we go again with Foreman whining about Ali. And, yes, George, Ricky Hatton should absolutely not risk his undefeated record with a fight against Mayweather. What a great attitude. I hate when boxers don't think about their record first and instead take a fight they want that people wish to see.

Kevin Iole: The winner of tonight's fight will be Oscar de la Hoya.