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Mayweather pounds Hatton, wins via TKO in 10

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We'll have more tomorrow, but here's the quick results.

Edner Cherry KO-6 Wes Ferguson
Daniel Ponce de Leon UD-12 Eduardo Escobedo
Jeff Lacy UD-10 Peter Manfredo, Jr.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. TKO-10 Ricky Hatton

Hatton and Mayweather both fought as well as they could.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., proved his superiority.

Mayweather dominated rounds 7-10 completely, knocking Hatton down with a brutal left hook, then rocking him again before referee Joe Cortez called it off as Hatton crumbled to the mat.

It was a sad sight, but Ricky Hatton did everything he said he would short of win. He brought pressure, brought an attempt at the body game, and it just was not good enough. It was not enough.

Mayweather is money. The two of them, who had some rude antics toward the other during the fight, hugged and displayed great respect for one another afterward. Floyd plays a character to sell fights. He's not a bad guy.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., did it tonight. And he did it with emphasis.

Kudos to Ricky Hatton for doing what he could. But Floyd Mayweather, Jr., is the best fighter in the world. There is no comparison.

"Ricky Hatton is one tough fighter. He's still a champion in my eyes. And I can't wait to see him fight again. Ricky Hatton is one of the toughest competitors I ever faced. ... He kept coming. I see why they call him 'The Hitman.'"

Class from Mayweather, not expected by so many. But it doesn't surprise me. This was a matured Floyd Mayweather, though, either way.

"He's one hell of a fighter, man. What else can I say? I took care of business and did my job."

Hatton will fight again. He did very well early on, but Mayweather adjusted to him and brought it home.

It may be a while before we see Mayweather in the ring again, but he's got all respect from me. He said it, he talked it, and he did it. He's proven it -- again.

Some of Hatton's comments, after a rousing ovation from the legion of fans that came to cheer him on (and with kind words from the victor):

"(sarcastically) What a fluke that was. ... He's very good at making you miss. I thought I was in the fight, but he had a good round, and he's better inside than I thought, he can use his forearms to make shots, and he got me. ... I didn't quite stick to the gameplan, I think I was a little bit too gung-ho, so to speak. ... He's big and strong. I felt the difference. ... I wasn't quite good enough (to apply the tactics we trained for) tonight. ... He picked up a couple of shots, and that was that. ... I think I was forcing it, and I think I was doing well, but I should've been just a little touch more careful. ... It sounds daft, because he's knocked me out, but I don't think he's the hardest puncher I've fought. ... He got me.

"I know he's not the biggest welterweight in the world, but I think he's more natural at the weight than me."

On whether he'll continue: "Oh, yeah."

Closing statement: "Sorry, everybody. Thank you."

Official scores at the time of stoppage were 89-81, 89-81, 88-82 in favor of Mayweather. I had it 87-82 for Floyd.