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New York Times Boxing Feature on ... Luis Collazo?

I'm certainly not the first boxing fan to bemoan the sad state of media coverage of our sport. I take it one step further, though, believing as I do that the lack of coverage on our major networks and in our big circulation newspapers is the biggest reason boxing fandom has declined. I read the online New York Times every morning (call be a glutton for punishment), so I took notice today when I saw a front page headline ("home page headline"?) featuring a full story on ... Luis Collazo?

OK, I know, he's from Brooklyn. But there are many, many big fighters from New York. When Zab Judah made his big homecoming last year at Madison Square Garden, for example, the NYT didn't even mention it. Why Collazo? He's an up-and-comer and all, and he looked good against Hatton (or rather, Hatton looked bad against him). But few would argue that Collazo is an elite boxer, and most regard tonight's match with Mosley as Shane's tune up for Floyd Mayweather.

Now I'm not complaining. I wish every second tier boxer receive the kind of coverage that football or baseball players of similar stature receive. But they don't, and neither do most of the elite. When was the last time that the Times did a feature story on, say, Manny Paquiao? (Answer: never).

Let Collazo enjoy his day in the sun. I'm happy for the guy, and I hope this signals good things to come in terms of boxing coverage. It's been over a year since Boxinginsider did their expose on the NYT's lax coverage of the sport. Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, this is a sign of better things to come? Or will the NYT continue to devote space to "winter ice mountain biking," "dwarf tossing," and "women's catfish grabblin"?

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