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Mosley pounds Collazo, Mayweather says no (for now)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Shane Mosley totally frustrated and outboxed Luis Collazo en route to an easy unanimous decision victory over the younger fighter in his return to the welterweight division, and set his sights on Floyd Mayweather, Jr., hopefully at the end of this year.

The only problem is, Floyd -- in an interview with Jim Lampley after the fight -- is saying no. Mayweather stated that Mosley has ducked him since 1998, and now that he's 35 years old, he's trying to get into the ring with him for a payday. Mayweather also again said that his fight against Oscar de la Hoya on May 5 will be his last.

Of course, we'll see, but for now, Mosley/Mayweather is not happening. Shane also said that he hopes to fight again, perhaps in June, before any potential fight with Mayweather. There is no shortage of potential opponents at 147 for Shane Mosley, who is now the division's biggest name, as long as Floyd stays out of it.

Mosley/Cotto would be very intriguing, though with that being Golden Boy and Top Rank, chances aren't great.

On the undercard, Vivian Harris survived a stern challenge from Juan Lazcano, gaining a close unanimous decision victory. Harris was his more confusing self tonight, winning the fight easily at points by keeping his distance, and losing control by letting Lazcano in close. In the end, Harris won enough of the fight, though his performance is unlikely to quiet any critics he has, and there are some. The fight again made me wonder what Harris could do at 147, not having to work down to 140.

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