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Buzz: Peter, Collazo, Margarito, Cotto

Let me start by giving some props to Sam Peter.  He was offered 2.5 million dollars in step-aside money to allow Vitali Klistchko to face Oleg Maskaev for Maskaev's WBC belt.  He was also promised a shot against the winner of that fight.  It seems like quite a deal, right?  2.5 million for sitting at home (or ringside) and watching two other guys beat the shit out of each other?  Well, believe it or not, Peter has reportedly rejected that offer.  I'm not even sure what he made for the Toney fight, but I don't think it was much over 2.5 million.  And will he even make that against Maskaev?  I doubt it.  If anything, this proves what a hungry young fighter Sam Peter is.  I, for one, would rather see Peter fight than any other heavyweight in the world right now, and I hope he sticks to his guns and gets the title shot he deserves.

El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico's leading newspaper, is reporting that Luis Collazo not only fractured his hand, but tore a ligament in his thumb during the third round of the Mosley fight and will have to undergo surgery.  Collazo clearly took the second round, when he landed what I believe were some of the cleanest and hardest punches of the fight.  Nonetheless, he was unable to keep throwing his straight left and lost pretty much every round after that.  I'm not saying that Collazo would have won the fight had he not hurt his hand, but it sure as hell would have been more competitive because I don't believe Mosley was hurting him.  At only 25 years of age, I think the kid's still got a bright future ahead.  He'll be out 5 to 6 months.

In other news, it seems that Margarito has agreed to face Paul Williams, leaving Miguel Cotto up in the air.  Personally, I'm glad that Margarito is taking the Williams fight.  He was catching so much heat for ducking Williams that he was becoming a joke, especially after calling himself the most feared man in boxing for such a long time.  It's not like he was ever Mayweather's mandatory, yet he bitched and bitched about how Floyd was ducking him.  Well, guess what?  Williams IS the mandatory.  I'm glad he's taking the fight.  Plus, if he beats Williams (which honestly I think he will), the Cotto fight only becomes bigger.  Cotto, in the meantime, will keep his June 9th date at the Garden.  Look for him to face either Brooklyn-boy Zab Judah or fellow Puerto Rican Kermit Cintron.  Both of them would make a lot of financial sense, given that the fight's in the Garden the night before the PR day parade.

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